Miami-Dade’s arts and culture sector generates $210 million for the local economy

Miami-Dade authorities confirm that the arts and culture industry in this county is responsible for generating an economic impact worth $2.1 billion in the local economy and activity, in addition to supporting the creation of 31,515 job opportunities.

Mayor Daniella Levine Cava points out in a statement that the “Arts and Economic Prosperity 6” study shows the rapid rise of the arts sector in this county, which translates into a well-known national success story for this industry in this community and locally. The economy, which confirms “these impressive numbers.”

The council member added: “In addition to lifting our spirit through music, dance, theater and visual arts, our diverse cultural sector puts us on the map as a unique and vibrant destination in the world for economic and cultural innovation.”

A report prepared by Americans for the Arts indicates that in 2022 at the national level, the arts and cultural industries in the United States generated about $151.7 billion, an activity that supported at least 2.6 million jobs.

In the case of Miami-Dade, this study indicates that arts and cultural nonprofits are a business sector that spends $1.2 billion annually and generates an additional $856 million in event-related expenses.

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The industry also drives trade to local businesses and boosts the visitor economy, with 21.4% of respondents traveling from outside of Miami-Dade County to attend cultural events.

The Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs participated in the study along with 373 communities and regions across the country representing all 50 states, focusing on the economic impact of cultural and event-related spending by these cultural organizations.

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