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Fan support and statement

  • I’m interrupting the concert due to illness
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RBD is touring after returning to the stage after several years away from the music scene.

However, on the night of Friday, November 17, Anahi had to leave the stage after experiencing severe discomfort that prevented her from continuing.

Pictures showing the singer receiving medical care began spreading across social media.

While Anahi issued a brief statement to her followers, in which she explained what she was going through on Friday evening in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.

Anahi leaves the concert

Anahi fell ill during concert, Anahi, RBD, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Anahi fell ill during the concert Meznivel’s photo

“I want to thank each one of them, my four brothers, because they know that their days were not easy,” Anahi began on stage.

His message continued: “I’m in so much pain. I’m so sorry that I didn’t give you what you deserve and I didn’t want to miss this night.”

“Being here with you is the most important thing because we have waited so many years,” he said as fans began to show their support between screams.

As the audience demonstrated with cheers and chants in support of the singer, she explained that she was leaving the stage to go to the hospital and find out what was happening to her.

The singer’s statement is issued

Anahi, RBD, Rebelde, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Anahi fell ill during the concert Meznivel’s photo

Through her Instagram account, and through her stories, Anahi shared with her followers a brief statement about what happened in Brazil.

“Dear friends. For the first time in my life I had to leave the concert due to a health problem,” the message began on their social networks.

“My heart is torn because it’s really not what I ever wanted,” he explained to his fans about his retirement from the stage.

“I spent several days in unbearable pain in my ribs, back and head. “High fever and chills,” he added of his discomfort.

detects disease

Rebel, singer, mexican, mexico, brazil
The picture is oily

He revealed his condition, “According to the blood tests and ultrasound tests performed on me, I suffer from severe kidney infection, inflammation and severe pain.”

He told his followers after the medical results appeared: “I am in the hands of doctors, and at this moment I am thinking about the most important thing, which is health.”

He concluded his message by saying: “Thank you for your love, Brazil, and I apologize for having to leave. There are only 4 songs left to finish the show.”

In turn, the singer shared a video clip of her farewell moment to the audience, accompanied by a message: “You are my strength.”

Pictures showing its condition

Mexican singer, Mexican band, Telenovela Rebel, music, Brazil
The picture is oily

Through the “Chico Farándula” account on Instagram, photos were shared showing the famous woman in the hospital.

In the photos, you can see Anahi lying on the bed while being treated by a medical team, in addition to being transported in a wheelchair.

Other photos they shared show the singer in what appears to be an ambulance, with her face reflecting the pain she was experiencing.

Through the comments, followers of the Mexican group began to show their support for the famous lady.

Followers’ reaction

Mexican singer, famous, famous, Sao Paulo, Brazil
The picture is oily

Some users commented on the post: “I prefer the group, may you get better soon.” “I pray to God for your health and speedy recovery.”

“Cheer up! Mexico is with you! Hope you get well soon,” another person added.

Other followers of the singer expressed their “speedy recovery”, “God is good, he will give you recovery.”

To see photos of Anahí click here.

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