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Sheriff says Alabama ‘wolf-hybrid’ family killed their 3-month-old son

CHELSEA, Pa. (AP) – A 3-year-old boy was killed when his parents tried to rescue the infant from the family pet, a half-dog, part-wolf hybrid, authorities said.

The boy was bitten but alive when responders arrived shortly after 1 a.m. Thursday at the Chelsea home. He was transported to Grandview Medical Center where he was pronounced dead, the news release said.

The “wolf-hybrid” was recovered and taken to the Alabama State Diagnostics Laboratory in Auburn for further testing, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said.

Shelby County Coroner Lina Evans told the family and investigators know the dog’s lineage and confirm that it is a wolf descendant.

The International Wolf Center has issued an extensive online warning against bringing such hybrids into families.

“People with hybrid pets often find their pets’ behavior difficult to manage,” as their genetic makeup makes their behavior erratic and unpredictable in ways that can pose a danger to humans, the agency said.

Chelsea Mayor Tony Picklesimer confirmed the child’s death, saying the child was killed by a “strange family pet.”

“It’s impossible,” Picklesimer said. “How do you deal with it?”

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