21 mins ago

    VIRAL: Woman sues restaurant for finding manager’s fingerprint | Entertainment Pop Culture

    The injuries, both physical and mental, that the woman suffered included tremors, panic attacks, migraines, cognitive impairment, nausea and dizziness,…
    48 mins ago

    Will the early Oscar broadcast attract more viewers? ABC plans to test the 7pm slot in 2024

    Academy Awards fans are not too late to hear the winner of the picture in March. The 96th Oscars will…
    2 hours ago

    Mon Laferte will start again | El Mundo Newspaper – News for Hispanics

    Chilean artist Mon Laferte believes that his new album, ‘Autopoietica’, is very different from all the previous ones but at…
    2 hours ago

    Will Dave Bautista be Bane in the next Batman movie? Image ‘by’ James Gunn sparked ideas | Entertainment Pop Culture

    On November 27, the 54-year-old artist posted what appears to be an innocent photo on his Instagram account: he is…
    3 hours ago

    Iran has sent a hip-hop artist who disrupted hijab protests back to prison

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iran sent a popular rapper back to prison less than two weeks after he…



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