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Examining the Murder Conspiracy Case Including Robert Shiver, the Boyfriend of Savannah Chrisley

Lindsey Shiver is charged with planning to murder her husband Robert Shiver, who recently made his Instagram debut alongside Savannah Chrisley, who used to be part of Chrisley Knows the Best.

As a general rule, it’s better to avoid carrying baggage from one relationship into another.Even though Robert Shiver seems to be pleased with Savannah Chrisley, who posted photos of them embracing on the fourth of November, it’s not like he has an option.However, prior to ever met, Lindsay Shiver, a mother of his three children and his estranged wife, had been charged in the Islands with planning to have him killed. He is currently free on bail and has not yet filed a plea.Savannah, who admitted to slipping into Robert’s direct messages after learning about the case online, was not surprised by any of it.She joked with Nick Viall, “It’s fine,” during his podcast The Viall Files on September 14. But aside from that

Regarding her version of events, the 26-year-old said she had too much respect for Robert and his children to elaborate further. Her parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley, are currently in prison for filing fraudulent tax returns.So, in the meantime, here’s what you need to know about Lindsey Shiver’s case:

Examining the Murder Conspiracy Case Including Robert Shiver, the Boyfriend of Savannah Chrisley

who is Robert Shiver

Robert, a native of Thomasville, Georgia, played football for the University of Auburn. He entered as a walk-on and received a marketing degree in December 2008.The 6-foot-3 athlete said to 247Sports’ Auburn Insider prior to the the start of his senior season on research, “I really just want to set an example of work ethic on and off the field.” “I’m aware of many new freshman. Auburn’s beautiful atmosphere has a huge popularity amongst undergraduates. It’s essential that you show to them that their main reasons for being here are soccer and academics.”In 2007, Robert met Lindsay, a former beauty queen (Miss Houston County 2005) and fellow marketing major, in a fitness class and fell in love.After graduating from high school, Robert signed with the Atlanta Falcons as an undrafted free agent and was released before the start of the 2009-2010 NFL regular season. He claimed via the Internet that he was now executive vice president of Thomasville Senior Life Insurance Company.

Examining the Murder Conspiracy Case Including Robert Shiver, the Boyfriend of Savannah Chrisley

On March 6, 2010, Robert and Lindsay tied the knot. In 2018, he posted on Facebook to wish his wife a happy eighth anniversary, describing her as “an amazing woman, wife, and mother.” The youngest of their three blond sons was born in 2019, as seen in his family’s images.Lindsay was active on social media prior to the breakdown of their relationship.”So grateful to do so workout class 13 years ago that brought us together and created all the love, laughter, and life we’ve had since!” In 2020, she made that Instagram post: “Baby, I adore you. Grill.”

Although Lindsay has since made her Instagram private, the photos of her circulating online appear to be of ordinary families: a mother blowing out the candles on her son’s shark-themed birthday cake, the entire family decked out in Auburn attire; Yes. A gentle breeze blew and the children enjoyed bodyboarding in the pristine ocean. Shave while on vacation at the beach in the Bahamas.On June 26, Robert posted the following on Facebook: He changed the image on the cover to a beautiful pool of water with the ocean and palm trees in the background.

What became of the marriage between Lindsay Shiver and Robert?

AL.com obtained documents from the Georgia Superior Court indicating that Robert filed for divorced from Lindsay on April 5, alleging the Lindsay was guilty of “infidelity” and was thus entitled to end their 13-year marriage. As to court papers, the following day she filed for divorce, calling the relationship “forever broken with no prospect of reconciliation” and accusing him of abuse.”The wife wasn’t feeling secure in the marital residence and so put locks around the doors of the home for protection,” according to her filing. “The spouse frequently mistreated his wife in the house in front of the kids, not just bodily but also psychologically and emotionally.”Both apply separately for sole custody of their children and primary custody of their Both parents ask for sole use of their 7,000 per square foot Thomasville house and primary custody of their children in different applications.

extramarital relationship” she had developed when she and Robert separated and was therefore “legally forgiven by the husband.”E! Robert’s rep has been reached for news regarding Lindsay’s divorce filing and the case against him, but has not responded. The next court date for the divorce proceedings is set for Nov. 16, public records show.

What led to Lindsay Schiffer’s ultimate accusation of plotting her husband Robert Schiffer’s murder?

Along with Terrance Bethel, 28, and Faron Newbold Jr., 29, Lindsay, 36, was taken into custody in the Bahamas on July 21. It was alleged by the authorities that she had an affair with Terrence and plotted to have Him kill Robert.Authorities in the Bahamas claim that when investigating a guy suspect of being engaged in a restaurant break-in on Grand Guana Island, a small island in the center of the Abaco Islands, they came across the conspiracy while checking through his phone and WhatsApp account. Reviewing the police report was The Times-Enterprise.In Abaco on July 16, the suspects got together and decided to “commit a crime for a common purpose, namely, the grisly murder of Richard Schiffer,” according to the Times-Enterprise.

What has Lindsay Shiver stated regarding the claims that she attempted to arrange Robert Shiver’s death?

Following over a fortnight at Fox Hill Prison, Lindsay was released on August 9th, subject to a $100,000 bond and a prohibition against leaving the Bahamas. a court clerk that she is permitted to talk with her kids but has been instructed to stay away from Robert and the other defendants.Six days prior, Terrance and Faran were freed from detention after each secured a $20,000 bond, according to their attorney. Ankle monitors were placed on all three suspects, and they had to check in at the local police station multiple times a week.They were all free to post bond before entering a plea.

Speaking to the media on August 11 outside the Nassau precinct, Lindsay stated, “It’s been really tough.”After being released from custody, Terrance, her purported boyfriend, said, “Everybody says things out of frustration,” in response to a question regarding Lindsay’s “kill him” WhatsApp message.E! News requested comments from Lindsay’s lawyers as well as the Nassau-based attorney for Terrance and Faran, but received no response.Terrance went on, “Police have had both of my phones for three weeks.” “Every message they’ve received has been read, and nothing is there. We all have nothing to conceal. People are disparaging us and taking things at face value.”He described Lindsay as “a great mother” and declared that he “had too much respect for her and her abilities.”He described Lindsay as “a great mother” and stated that he was “too much in love with her and her kids to feel like I should hurt their dad.” The attorney informed the court magistrate, “She is a foreign national and she cannot travel as a condition of her bail,” according to the Mail. She would wish to return as soon as possible to her three children. We request that there be no waiting.”Attorney Ian Cargill defending Terrance and Faran stated in court: “We acknowledge the gravity of the acts for which they are accused. We claim that as of December 1st, the Crown is without justification for the VBI’s [Voluntary Bill of Indictment] lack of readiness. All concerned parties want a prompt resolution.

What is Robert Shiver’s relationship status with Savannah Chrisley?

Then, less than a week after Savannah disclosed her relationship with Robert, Nick Cordiles, her ex-fiance, passed away in a motorcycle accident.

She told E! News of her departure from G.I. Joe, “I don’t know when the blows are going to stop, but I’m going to try.” On October 9, World’s Toughest Test will telecast. (She became a summertime cast member.) Her strategy is to “get through” the difficult periods.

She went on, “Being defensive and being heartless are not enjoyable emotions.” “I’ve suffered a great deal, and I allowed my hurt to fester into rage. I’m going to accept it now, try to make the most of it, and lead a happy life.” I’m so relieved that I can breathe again.”

Savannah’s PDA photos from November 4th with Robert, broken up with a heart.She mentioned on The Viall Files that she thought Robert was “so good-looking,” but when asked what she liked best about him, she added, “His heart, and the ability to listen, to understand, and to communicate.”After taking on the role of guardian for her now-17-year-old brother Grayson and her 11-year-old niece Chloe, the reality TV personality and host of Unlocked With Savannah had already experienced a difficult year. Following convictions for wire fraud and conspiring to conduct bank fraud, Todd received a 12-year prison sentence while Julie received a seven-year sentence. The Chrisley Knows Best cast members entered a not guilty plea.


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