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Kool & the Gang drummer George Brown, known as “Funky,” has died at the age of 74, according to media reports.

According to the statements that Brown gave before his death, he was fighting an illness that affected his health.

Furthermore, before he died, he decided that his memories should come to light and shared part of the process he went through before he became seriously ill.

The drummer gained fame when he started working with the band Kool & the Gang, where he was admired by hundreds of people.

George “Funky” Brown dies

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Music fans and fans of Kool & the Gang are mourning the sad news of the passing of George “Funky” Brown.

Brown, 74, lost his battle with lung cancer at his home in Los Angeles, according to national media reports Thursday evening.

The talented drummer, composer and co-founder of the popular band was shot on social media, with netizens sending their condolences.

The musician responsible for songs like “Jungle Boogie” or “Ladies Night” was with his loved ones at the time of his death.

What happened to the musician?

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This news comes just one month after Brown publicly shared his cancer diagnosis during an emotional appearance on KCAL News.

On that occasion, the musician spoke frankly about his experience with the disease and the arduous treatment process he underwent.

Music legend George “Funky” Brown left an indelible legacy through his contributions to iconic Kool & the Gang songs.

His drumming style left a lasting mark on the music scene, earning him the respect and admiration of his bandmates.

A career like no other

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In July of this year, Brown shared his story and journey in the music world through his memoir, “Too Hot: Kool & the Gang & Me.”

EFE noted an intimate story that allowed fans to learn more about the life and career of the legendary drummer.

Furthermore, Brown’s musical legacy continues with the release of Kool & the Gang’s 34th studio album, which brought significant attention to his career.

It was “People Just Wanna Have Fun,” a production that reflects the band’s vitality and creativity, even in the advanced stages of their solo career.

What impact did it have?

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Originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, George “Funky” Brown grew up immersed in the world of jazz, making the music essential.

Likewise, he was influenced by drum masters such as Elvin Jones, Art Blakey, and Jack DeJohnette, and was able to enter the world of art.

His love of music took him to the stages of jazz bars while he was still in high school, marking the beginning of a career that would change the music landscape.

George “Funky” Brown’s skill as a songwriter was also evident on hits like “Get Down On It,” “Cherish” and “Johanna.”

How did the band come about?

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In 1969, along with talented musicians such as Robert “Cole” Bell, Ronald Bell, Ricky West, Robert Mickens, Dennis Thomas and Charles Smith, they decided to change the name of the band.

The group, which had until then been known as the Jazziacs, adopted the popular name Kool & the Gang, EFE reported. To see pictures click here.

Since then, the band has become famous, leaving an indelible mark on music history and becoming a major figure.

The peak of his career came in 1973 with the release of the album “Wild and Peaceful”, where he established himself as an authority in the music scene.

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