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In search of Cuba America

  • Nations League: Honduras vs Mexico
  • Decisive duel in Tegucigalpa.
  • Mexico is seeking a ticket to the Copa America.

In a decisive confrontation in the quarter-finals of the European Nations League, the Mexican national team was “humiliated” by Honduras at the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa.

This commitment not only represented an important test of Lozano’s strategic project, but also provided additional value:

The team, led by Jaime Lozano, was looking for a ticket to the long-awaited Copa America tournament, which will be held in 2024.

After leaving good feelings in the last FIFA match, the national team sought to maintain its good performance, but that was not possible this time.

Honduras vs. Mexico

Nations League Honduras Mexico Copa America 2024Jaime LozanoFootballMundoNOW
UN League: Honduras vs. Mexico, Photo: Associated Press

Facing a Honduran team that is witnessing an important generational change under the leadership of Reinado Rueda.

The match gained great importance, because victory not only means qualification to the European Nations League, but also guarantees a place in the next edition of Copa America.

A tournament that brings together the best teams in South America and will be held in 2024.

For the Mexican national team, this double chance of success added an extra element of pressure and motivation, urging them to give their best.

They take the lead in the first half

Mexico, Honduras, Guillermo Ochoa, Football, MundoNOW
UN League: Honduras vs. Mexico, Photo: Getty Images

The match started out evenly between the two teams, and both teams scored two goals, but as time passed, one team became dominant.

Honduras began to take center stage in the match, and goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa’s shoulder injury dampened Aztec morale.

Replacement goalkeeper Angel Malagon will assume responsibility for defending Mexico’s goal, but that will not last long, given the good level presented by the locals.

In the 30th minute, great play inside the box, with striker Anthony “Choco” Lozano opening the scoring to take the advantage for the first 45 minutes.

Mexico failed

Mexico, Honduras, Nations League, Ochoa, Monduno
UN League: Honduras vs. Mexico, Photo: Getty Images

Looking for an equaliser, Jaime Lozano began to move his initial side and players like Raul Jiménez and Luis Chavez came in to tie the game.

But the good moment that Honduras had throughout the match meant that in the 71st minute, due to an error by the Mexican defense inside the penalty area, Brian Roches scored the second goal for zero.

After the Mexican coach despaired over his performance on the scoreboard, Colombian/Mexican Julian Quiñones took the field for his debut.

Despite the efforts made to find the long-awaited goal, it did not come and now Mexico will host Honduras at Azteca Stadium next Tuesday with a difference of two goals. Your Copa America ticket is in danger.

Julian Quiñones makes his debut for Mexico

Julian Quiñones, soccer, striker, soccer player, MundoNOW
UN League: Honduras vs. Mexico, Photo: Associated Press

In recent weeks, one name has resonated strongly: Julian Quiñones. The striker who left an indelible mark in the Mexican League,

The Colombian-born is preparing for his first call-up with the Mexican national team, in this confrontation against Honduras.

Quinones, who used to wear the number 33 on his shirt, surprised fans by making his debut for El Tri with the number 16. Although the number 33 was available, the Mexican striker chose a different number for his international debut.

The 16, now linked to Quiñones, could become a symbol of his debut for the Mexican national team and his commitment to the team in this crucial moment of the qualifiers.

Football player punishment

Reynaldo Rueda, coach, penalty, footballer, MundoNOW
Photo: Associated Press

It was announced that Honduras was to punish one of its most important players, Rommel Quioto, who was left out of the squad.

According to various media, the Honduran athlete preferred to celebrate his wife’s birthday instead of going with the team to face Tricolor, according to SDPNoticias.

Rommel Quioto, a player for Major League Soccer’s Montreal Impact, is not a national team player, Honduras national team coach Reynaldo Rueda said.

“Being an elite player sometimes means not being involved in many cases like this. I wasn’t able to attend the mother’s funeral when my daughter was 15 years old,” Rueda said. “These are sensitive issues.”

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