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The enchanting Parthenope and Naples, the first photos from Sorrentino’s set – The Last Hour

Exclusive photos taken by Greg Williams on the set of Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino’s new film have been published in Hollywood Authentic magazine. The film – still untitled – tells, according to the director, “the life of Parthenope, who is named after her city, but is not a mermaid, nor a myth. From 1950, when she was born, until today. Inside her, the whole long repertoire of existence: carefreeness and its fainting, classic beauty and its inexorable change, useless and impossible loves, stale flirtation and the dizziness of love at first sight, kisses in Capri nights, flashes of happiness and persistent pain, real fathers and imaginary, the end of things, new beginnings. They, lived, observed, loved, men and women, their melancholic raptures, slightly depressed eyes, impatience, loss of hope that I will once again laugh at a respectable man who stumbles and falls on the street in the center. Always in to the society of the passing time, this most faithful boy. And Naples that bewitches, enchants, screams, laughs and then knows how to hurt you.” In the cast, in alphabetical order, Dario Aita, Celeste Dalla Porta, Silvia Degrandi, Isabella Ferrari, Lorenzo Gleijeses, Biagio Izzo, Marlon Joubert, Peppe Lanzetta, Nello Mascia, Gary Oldman, Silvio Orlando, Luisa Ranieri, Daniele Rienzo, Stefanie Rienzo and Alfonso Santagata.The film, shot between Naples and Capri, is an Italian-French co-production. Written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, it is a Fremantle film produced by Lorenzo Mieli for The Apartment Pictures, a Fremantle group company, Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent, Paolo Sorrentino for Numero 10 and Ardavan Safaee for Pathé. The director of photography is Daria D’antonio, the artistic director of costumes is Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent, the costume designer is Carlo Poggioli, the editor is Cristiano Travaglioli, the production designer is Carmine Guarino, the casting is signed by Annamaria Sambucco and Massimo Appolloni. International sales will be handled by UTA and Fremantle.

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