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SOS biotechnology ‘butterfly children’, Viola launches an appeal to the government – Last hour

“November 30 could be the last day of hope for ‘butterfly children’, young patients suffering from the rare and devastating disease epidermolysis bullosa. It is a very serious genetic disease as affected children literally lose their skin. , facing a terrible suffering and death.” Thus, the immunologist Antonella Viola from the pillars of La Stampa launches an appeal to the government to save Holostem, a biomedical company from Modena that produces, unique in the world, stem cell therapies for the treatment of rare diseases.

“In 2015 – explains Viola – a team of Italian scientists, led by Michele De Luca and Graziella Pellegrini, after many years of study and work, found a cure, demonstrating to the entire scientific world that they cured the first patient, little Hassan. , a 7-year-old Syrian child. That’s how Holostem was born in Modena, a true pearl of global research, all Made in Italy. In Modena, international clinical studies are being carried out that could save the lives of many more ‘butterfly children’ children who, if Holostem is closed, would no longer have hope because there is no other place in Europe that can treat them, but Holostem could be closed 30 of November. The reason seems to be the sudden statement of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, led by Adolfo Urso, which blocked the takeover of Holostem by Enea Tech Biomedical, without which Holostem will only go into liquidation. It is surprising that a minister who seems to care so much about Made in Italy, the point of promoting a prohibitionist law on laboratory-produced meat to defend the work of Italian farmers, does not do everything to avoid the firing of researchers from Modena, the loss of unique skills in Europe, the end of an all-Italian entrepreneurial activities and indispensable medical care.” “Modena’s researchers have already achieved their miracle – the scientist concludes – by finding cures for incurable diseases. Now it is up to the Government to show that it is worthy of its citizens”.

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