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Reports of a shooting in a psychiatric hospital

  • Reports of shooting in New Hampshire
  • It happened in a psychiatric hospital
  • The shooter has paid for his actions in the worst way

A shooting in New Hampshire caused panic among people at a state psychiatric hospital.

The information that was published revealed that the shooter ended up losing his life after the fatal accident that occurred at the scene.

They also confirmed that the authorities were investigating the events, and above all, they made clear that the number of victims had not been revealed.

They also indicated that information began to spread on social media sites and showed pictures of the dead surrounding him.

Shooting in New Hampshire

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In a tragic event that shocked the New Hampshire community, gunfire erupted at the state psychiatric hospital.

According to the agency Associated PressIt ended with the death of the suspect, according to what was confirmed by police authorities.

In the information they published, they confirmed that the shooting at New Hampshire State Hospital in Concord left “several victims.”

The total number of wounded nor the identities of those involved in this deadly shooting have not yet been revealed.

What did the governor indicate?

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The Associated Press said Governor Chris Sununu issued a statement around 5 p.m. to inform the public about the incident.

Sununu concluded his speech by making sure the situation was contained, but explained that the scene remained active while the campus was being cleared.

“While the scene remains active while the campus is being cleared, the suspect has died,” Governor Sununu said in his final remarks.

“The state immediately mobilized and first responders and law enforcement are on scene. He added: “We will provide as many details as possible.”

What did the authorities say?

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The New Hampshire Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management used social media to inform the public.

At 4:45 p.m., they announced the death of the suspect. However, uncertainty remained in the area where the attack occurred.

Aerial footage from the scene showed an active scene, with the lights of several police cars flashing outside the hospital.

An armored vehicle approached the scene, confirming the seriousness of the situation witnessed in those moments of panic.

What was the response from the authorities?

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Multiple law enforcement agencies, including Concord Police and deputies from the Merrimack County Police Department, were quickly mobilized to bring the situation under control.

The New Hampshire Department of Homeland Security and Emergency was setting up a media center at a sports stadium to provide information.

“We are aware of the evolving situation at New Hampshire Hospital. The police indicated on social media that “the police are on the scene and responding.”

This shooting joins a series of recent acts of violence in American hospitals.

There is no security in hospitals?

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Medical centers across the country are dealing with increasing threats, making health care one of the areas most vulnerable to violence.

The incident raised controversy again about hospital safety, especially in specialized settings such as psychiatric hospitals.

The exposure of patients and mental health professionals to violent situations has been a recurring theme in recent years.

This tragic event in New Hampshire highlights the need to urgently address these alarming concerns.

No information about this topic?

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The authorities have not yet provided detailed information about the fatal shooting incident that took the psychiatric hospital by surprise. To watch the video click here.

The police spokesman confirmed in his latest report that “the shooting occurred in the hospital lobby, but all patients are fine.” To see the report, click here.

“The scene remains active and a suspicious vehicle has been located,” State Police Superintendent Mark Hall said, according to ABC.

The local community is still waiting for more details about this tragic incident and the reasons that prompted the suspect to open fire in the area.

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