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Maryland funeral shooting: Three people ended up being shot

  • Reports of a shooting at a funeral in Maryland.
  • Three people were shot.
  • This happened as they were leaving the procession.

A fatal shooting occurred as family members were leaving a funeral in Maryland. According to authorities, it was a direct attack.

Considering the fatal events, it was found that three people were injured by gunshot wounds as a result of the violent confrontation they were exposed to while they were in their truck.

Furthermore, the authorities confirmed that the event occurred on November 17, immediately after the deceased’s procession had ended at the cemetery.

The local police have not yet published the names of the victims of this direct attack on those attending the funeral.

A shooting has been reported at a Maryland funeral

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In a tragic turn of events, three people were shot last Friday as they were leaving a funeral in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Local police are working hard to identify and arrest potential suspects responsible for this attack.

As the Associated Press reported, county authorities are currently continuing their investigation into the deadly acts.

This fact left the already affected community in a state of shock after the violence was recorded.

What happened?

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The accident occurred near the National Harmony Memorial Park Cemetery in Landover, a suburb of Washington.

The matter began when a truck carrying relatives of the deceased left the place where the farewell took place.

Media photos show bullet holes in the back of the black truck that transported the three people.

This event concluded into a terrifying moment in what should have been a farewell act of peace and resilience for the family of the deceased.

What happened to the victims?

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According to a statement issued by the Prince George’s County Police Department, the victims of this fatal accident did not suffer serious injuries.

“None of the injuries were considered life-threatening,” said the statement provided by authorities and confirmed by the Associated Press.

However, the extent of the violent act left the people in a state of shock and concern for their safety, due to the coldness of the events.

Local authorities are strengthening police presence in the area and reviewing security measures at the scene.

“This is the time when people are really sad.”

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In a brief press conference Friday afternoon, Major Chad Schmick expressed his anger and horror at the attack.

“This is a time when people are really grieving, grieving the loss of a loved one,” Schmick said, underscoring the cruelty of the incident.

Schmick described how one or more of the suspects were “brazen enough to shoot at this convoy.”

The events occurred while the truck was turning left to leave the cemetery, so the authorities took immediate action.

Did they shoot a police officer?

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First responders had difficulty approaching the truck and rendering aid to the victims, resulting in one officer being injured in the process.

Authorities said the truck was likely the target of the shooting. Associated Press.

Officers believe he was transporting relatives of the deceased, making this attack a particularly cruel and despicable act.

The three victims, two women and a man, were quickly taken to hospital, and the situation remains critical due to the violence of the act.

What is known as a suspect?

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In an effort to obtain information that could lead to the arrest of those responsible, Major Schmick made an appeal to the community.

Residents were asked to provide any tips or CCTV footage that could assist in the investigation. To see pictures click here.

Until now, police were not sure whether the attacker was in a car or on foot, adding a layer of complexity to the events. To see the attack, click here.

This incident has left the community in shock and raised concerns about safety at public events and funerals.

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