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Linda and the Chicken, minimalist animation for adults – Cinema

If you get used to the magical and minimalist world of Linda and the Chicken with extremely stylized drawings, you will eventually feel at home. It is actually a film that talks about reality in a light and funny way from the point of view of both Linda, a girl who just wants to eat chicken with peppers, and adults. This is the simple plot of this animated film by Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach, which was shown at the Turin Film Festival and was nominated for an EFA (European Film Awards) in the category of European animated feature film.

In Linda and the Chicken, in cinemas in 2024, distributed by I Wonder Pictures and Unipol Biografilm Collection, there is no fantasy world, no castles or witches, but only the reality of a family consisting of a mother and daughter, Paulette and Linda and with an absent father (the man died years before). An unfair accusation, Paulette becomes convinced that her daughter has mistaken her ring (her husband’s last gift) for a hat, and Linda is promptly punished. But when she realizes she made a mistake, Paulette is willing to give anything to make it up to her. And so Linda’s request, chicken with peppers (not surprisingly the dish her beloved father competed in), doesn’t seem like too much for her, despite not knowing how to cook and managing a frozen dish. But how to buy chicken during a general strike? It’s not easy. And it’s even harder if you only find him alive and you’re looking for someone to kill him. To make things even more complicated, there are clumsy cops with light handcuffs and some unforeseen events. Fortunately, however, the entire neighborhood is on Paulette and Linda’s side.

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