Honduras defeats Mexico in the first leg of the European Nations League quarter-finals and approaches Copa America 2024 | You want the CONCACAF Nations League

On the night of forgetfulness, which brought to mind the worst moments – and not far away – Mexican national team Lost 2-0 to Honduras In a match in which coach Jaime Lozano was exposed and in which the players were once again transformed into a caricature, as they were in Qatar 2022 and in the previous Nations League semi-final against the United States.

The first warning came in approximately the 6th minute from a long ball in which Memo Ochoa was forced to play in his penalty area to interrupt the team’s attack. “Choco” LozanoBut he was hit hard in the shoulder and, for a moment, sirens sounded at the Mexican bank.

With Mimo Ochoa still in doubt, “Choco” Lozano sent the second yellow card with a header inside the penalty area that went over the Mexican goal.

The bad news was confirmed in the 18th minute when… Ochoa memorandum He called for his substitution and Luis Ángel Malagón rose to warm up in an emergency, replacing the historic goalkeeper, who was injured a few moments later.

It wasn’t until the 24th minute when Mexico got their first hint of a Catracha goal with a shot from long range from ‘Chucky’ Lozano causing Menjivar to attempt to block the goal, although it was more as a precaution than a real goal threat.

Then came the wonderful goal from H. Luis Palma Providing an assist from another planet, “Choco” Lozano dropped it in the penalty area and then scored with difficulty after Malagón’s exit, as the stadium of “Chilato” Ucles exploded in about the 30th minute.

Mexico did not recover from the blow when it almost took the lead for the second time. Now at the other end, a pass was passed to Lozano who once again anticipated the defence, scored low but the ball went to the humanity of Malagón, which he rejected as best he could and saved El Tre from disaster.

El Tre showed no reaction and in stoppage time Jesús Gallardo saved what would have been a brilliant goal from Luis Palma on the goal line. The Celtic man got to the baseline, took out Malagón and made a quick turn in the first half to shoot on target and almost score a stunning goal.

In the second half, Jaime Lozano sent Uriel Antuna, Luis Chavez and Raul Jimenez onto the pitch in place of Orbelin, Santi and Romo who had a game to remember.

And yes, the panorama could be darker… “Polo” Alvarez made a one-man show on the left wing, Jorge Sanchez “danced” and then created a “tunnel” for Edson to release Roches, who signed the contract. 2-0 with half a turn due to the satisfaction of the midfielders. The National Stadium exploded.

He also entered Julian Quiñonesbut already with a very difficult match and with the Mexican national team that will not be forgotten.

Now Mexico must defeat Honduras by two goals at the Estadio Azteca, without conceding, as the away goal is considered the first tiebreaker.

It will be next Tuesday when El Tri welcomes a senior player with one foot in the Copa America and will seek to close the lane in an already silent stadium that was just over 10 years old.

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