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Greta Scarano, ‘let’s take an example from Elena Cecchettin’ – Cinema

“At a time like this, it is important to be a feminist, and Elena Cecchettin is a role model. Despite her youth, she proves to be a woman worthy of the role, reacting with strong and clear words so that her sister Giulia did not die in vain, without indulging in the classic pornography of pain. The enormous pain, I can’t even imagine, that you keep inside you.” Greta Scarano, currently on the small screen with the series ‘Circeo’, which tells the story of the massacre in 1975 and above all the trial of those responsible, taking into account the point of view of the victims, spoke to ANSA, Donatelli Colasanti , 17 years of the survivors, and their lawyers.The Roman actress will bring her testimony to the ‘L’Eredità delle donne’ festival in Florence on November 25, on the occasion of the ‘Let’s stop the violence’ rally.

“I knew that story well – he says – and because it has always been news that was talked about a lot, in Rome and beyond. However, I did not know what impact it had, given that it was the first media trial in Italy, the commitment of the then feminists who fought bravely to get rape laws revised that came years later. It paved the way for a new consciousness.”

Despite this, almost half a century later, over 100 women are murdered in Italy every year. “Unfortunately, there was no cultural revolution,” he emphasizes. “Instead of defunding anti-violence centers or eliminating them, I mean, for example, Lucha y Siesta in Rome which has been under attack for some time, is not the best way to change the mentality.”

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