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Bellocchio, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Dante Spinotti in Corto Dorico – cinema

The Corto Dorico short film festival turns twenty years old and presents 70 events dedicated to cinema from December 2 to 10 between Ancona and other locations in the Marche region, including screenings, lessons and meetings, with famous guests: director Marco Bellocchio, actor Fabrizio Bentivoglio and two Oscar-nominated director of photography Dante Spinotti.

The co-directors Daniele Ciprì (who spoke online) and Luca Caprara and the vice-president of the organizing association Nie Wiem Luigi Socci presented today the festival, which has established itself over the years, on the one hand, by collaborating with prestigious Italian and foreign events, on the other hand, by working on the territory in schools and prisons in order to develop film culture. This year the event will take place in different places (cinemas and public halls) in Ancona and other municipalities in the Marche region, both due to the unavailability of many rooms in Mole due to works, and due to the will of the municipality of Ancona, with present today the mayor Daniele Silvetti and the council for culture by Anna Maria Bertini, in order to also involve more citizens logistically.

Beginning at Cinema Italia with Bentivoglio in the theatrical reading of ‘Satire of Satire’ by Flaiano. There are three competitions: national Corto Dorico, international with the social theme ‘Short of rights’ with Amnesty International, for a total of 34 selected screenings from 788 submitted works, which will end with a ceremony awarding the winners. The third ‘Long Jump’ competition will include six first works, including Paola Cortellesi’s ‘C’è Ancora Tomorrow’.

Bellocchio will be in Ancona on December 3: after the screening of the film ‘And a fist in his pocket’, he will receive the Angelo Guglielmi award. The lineup also includes Matteo Garrone with a video greeting after watching ‘Io Capitano’, Simone Massi, winner of four Nastri d’Argento and David di Donatello, with his first work ‘Invelle’, cartoonist Maicol i Mirco and Ciro D’Emilio (Un giorno suddenly), which will revive the meeting between operators at the presentation of new films at the Teatro delle Muse (December 8).

On December 9, Spinotti will arrive from Los Angeles to present his book “Dream of cinema, my life, one film at a time”.

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