Uruguay and Colombia win and defeat Argentina and Brazil in the qualifying rounds

Uruguay and Colombia dealt heavy blows to Argentina and Brazil in South American World Cup qualifiers. The Argentine national team lost its unbeaten record, and it is the first time in seven years that it lost a match on its home soil, while the La Canarina team suffered for the first time two consecutive defeats in the preliminary rounds, in the fifth round, which also gave Bolivia its lead. First victory.

The scoring ranking includes two Uruguayans and an Argentine at the top with 3 goals: Darwin Nunez and Nicolas de la Cruz on one side, and Lionel Messi on the other.

The sixth round of South American qualifiers, the last in 2023, will witness the following matches on Tuesday the 21st: Paraguay (5 points) – Colombia (9 points), Ecuador (5 points) – Chile (5 points), Uruguay (10 points). – Bolivia (3 points), Brazil (7 points), Argentina (12 points), Peru (1 point) – Venezuela (8 points).

In Argentina and Uruguay, the champion fell and remained undefeated with a score of 0-2.

Coach Marcelo Bielsa led a warlike and ambitious Uruguay team. A month ago, on October 17, they dealt a heavy blow to Brazil, beating them 2-0.

La Albiceleste’s first goal came as a result of a dispute over the ball between Uruguayan left-back Matรญas Viรฑa and Argentine right-hander Nahuel Molina. The centre-back has been comfortably taken over by centre-back Ronald Araujo, who plays with Bielsa on the wing.

Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez’s unbeaten record was reduced, as he remained scoreless for 752 minutes.

The match between Colombia and Brazil ended 2-1 with two historic goals scored by Luis Diaz.

The Colombian national team defeated Brazil for the first time in the history of the South American qualifiers, at the Roberto Melendez Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla.

In the third minute, Brazil took the lead with a goal from Gabriel Martinelli, and the team led by Nestor Lorenzo appeared inactive, while Diaz fought alone in front of the world.

But in the 74th minute Diaz was rewarded for his efforts, beating goalkeeper Alisson to make it 1-1. Diaz dedicated this first goal to his father, Luis Manuel Diaz, who spent twelve days kidnapped in Colombia.

Dรญaz had the crowd moving again when four minutes later he scored the second goal to give Colombia a 2-1 win, the only unbeaten team in these qualifying rounds.

Chile and Paraguay were equal in every way. The two teams played out a 0-0 draw in Santiago, meaning they remain tied on almost everything so far in the qualifying rounds.

Chile did not know how to take advantage of the advantage given to it by its opponent, as it suffered the expulsion in the 44th minute of full-back Robert Rojas, and then was also left with one player less, in the 88th minute, with a direct red card. Card obtained by midfielder Victor Mendes.

With this draw, the Chileans collected five points and occupy eighth place in the standings, while Paraguay has the same five points and ranks seventh on goal difference. Both have the same units as Ecuador, which ranks sixth.

Venezuela and Ecuador tied 0-0 at the Monumental Stadium in Maturin This stopped the momentum of Venezuela, which a month ago beat Chile 3-0 in the same stage.

La Vinotinto was immobilized by an opponent who was strong in defense and posed a danger when he decided to attack.

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The video assistant referee canceled the offside and saved the Venezuelan team from a goal by midfielder Jose Cifuentes.

Confidently, Fernando Batista’s team has 8 points, while the Ecuadorians, led by Spaniard Felix Passe, have 6 points.

Bolivia and Peru 2-0 The Bolivians did not achieve a win for four days, and on the fifth day, which coincided with the debut of Brazilian coach Antonio Carlos Zago, they added the first three points to leave the bottom and put themselves in penultimate place.

Henry Vaca scored his first goal in four games as a starter for La Verde in the first half. In the end, Ramiro Vaca put the finishing touch.

Peru arrived at La Paz second to last, piled up her fourth fall and fell into the basement. Blancheiroja is the only team that did not score any goals, although they had the luxury of keeping their all-time top scorer Paulo Guerrero on the bench.

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