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Ukraine, visit sorpresa Minister of Defense tedesco Pistorius – Ultima ora

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius è arrived in Kiev in three days, to visit sorpresa volta a riaffermare il sostento di Berlino all’Ukraina nella his war against Russia. Pistorius held intratentere colloquies with his Ukrainian counterpart Rustem Umierov and President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Berlino, the second largest military assistant in Kiev and the State units, is the official representative of the military support of the army in the Middle East and was suscitato preoccupazioni per il calo del sostento all’Ucraina. The visit comes with access to Russian airstrikes and Kiev in preparation for a preliminary attack on the country’s energy facilities, never before in winter. Pistorius’s second visit to Ukraine was when he was Minister of Defense all’initizio di quest’anno, and he arrived on the same day with American secretary Lloyd Austin who was taking fatto and viaggio a sorpresa in Ukraine. Oltre ai colloqui policy, Pistorius prenderà parte a cerimonia di depositizione di corone in piazza Maidan a Kiev i visiterà a centro di addestramento militare. In this case, in the initial situation, Germany drastically increased its influence on its defense of the entire Ukraine in response to all Russian invasions and sent Kiev a wide range of weapons, which vanno dai nosi armati pesanti ai sistemi di difesa airerea e all munizioni. The conflict also occurred in the government government, which led to a review of the country’s military apparatus, with the cancellation of Olaf Scholz’s decision to have a fund of 100 billion euros according to the strength of the military force. As a result of the war between Israel and Hamas, Germany offered a fortified base in the German state to fight Palestinian militants. Ma Scholz promised to come to Berlin this month in order to come to Kiev and insisted on the fact that “Ukrainian finch is necessary”.

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