The Cuban regime holds 1,062 political prisoners, according to the NGO Prisoner Advocates

The NGO Defenders of Prisoners reported on Tuesday, November 14, that there are so far 1,062 people it considers political prisoners in Cuba. This number compares with 1,052 recorded in the previous month.

The international organization, based in Madrid, detailed in its report at the end of last October that the Cuban regime had added “96 new political prisoners” to its list in the past six months.

The document published on the non-governmental organization’s website included 34 minors among the detainees, of whom 28 were serving sentences and six were subject to criminal trial.

It also adds that 224 protesters, out of 1,062 political prisoners, were charged with sedition, and at least 209 of them were sentenced to an average of 10 years in prison each.

Defenders of prisoners He also denounced the presence of 118 prisoners, including many transgender people, “who still have political and conscientious beliefs and convictions.”

The organization warned that “all the trans women in Addameer prison were and are still imprisoned among men, which is also the case with ordinary trans prisoners, and they suffer from unspeakable conditions among men because of their sexual condition.”

The report also refers to the universal periodic review submitted by Cuba on November 15 before the Human Rights Council. According to Defenders of Prisoners, “the positions of the judiciary and the prosecutor’s office in Cuba are won on a single-party proposal.”

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This is a review of the human rights situation conducted by all countries every four and a half years and in which states receive recommendations from their peers.

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