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Tajani, no more than 3 thousand migrants in the centers of Albania – Last minute

“The Italy-Albania protocol is an important part of the government’s overall strategy, in an international context of growing instability, which risks increasing migratory flows and the market of hateful human traffickers. A market that continues to profit from desperation and seek victims, as demonstrated by the new shipwreck that occurred yesterday happened on the coast of Lampedusa”. Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said this in a communication to the Chamber about the agreement between Italy and Albania on migrants, emphasizing that Italy aims for “a different approach in managing migratory flows and the persistent fight against human trafficking is an absolute value of our government. priorities.”

“The protocol established that a total of a maximum of 3,000 migrants can be present in two centers at the same time. And that migrants can arrive in the Albanian port only with the ships of the Italian authorities, involved in rescue operations”. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani in the House in his announcement about the Italy-Albania protocol.

“It will not be possible to tow the boats of smugglers, nor to direct the boats operated by non-governmental organizations towards Albania. Migrants will have exactly the same treatment provided for by Italian and European regulations,” Tajani explained.

“Preventing irregular departures, strengthening external borders, fighting smugglers, improving the repatriation system, expanding the channels of legal migration, welcoming those who are entitled to international protection: these are the main ingredients of the new approach we are trying to establish in Europe”, and “within this framework is inserted a protocol on cooperation with Albania,” Tajani explained, referring to “a friendly country and a candidate for membership in the European Union, a country that we will continue to support in its aspirations to join the European Union.” union”.

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