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American R&B singer Nivea B. Hamilton, commonly referred to by the stage name Nivea, is most famous for her earliest 2000s singles, notably “Don’t Mess with My Man” and “Laundromat.

Nivea – Net Worth

The vast majority of Hamilton’s cash came from her singing.As an example, Nivea has put out four albums: Nivea (2001), Complicated (2005), Animalistic (2006), Nivea:

Undercover (2011), and Mirrors (2019).Nivea has nearly 500,000 monthly listeners on Youtube. Nivea, an R&B singer, is therefore believed to be worth $2.5 million. 


  On March 24, 1982, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, she was born. Nivea grew up in Savannah alongside her two elder sisters.

 Her first release of the same name was released in the US later that year. In the United States, the album debuted at 100th place on the Billboard 200 album list. “Don’t Mess with My Man,” Hamilton’s third single, was released in August 2002.

On March 24, 1982, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, she was born.

The R&B group Jagged Edge’s Sean Casey and Brandon appeared on the record. 

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For the group known as R& Jagged Edge’s song “Don’t Mess With My Man,” Hamilton received a nomination for a Grammy in 2003 for “Best R&B Performance by Group or Duo.” “Laundromat,” her third single, was released.

Nivea achieved success with the song, which peaked at #20 on R&B and #58 on the Hot 100. The tune in question, which starred R. Kelly, In 2012, Hamilton announced that she was working on “Purple Heart,” her fourth studio album, which was scheduled to publication in May. The album was changed to “Nivea Revealed” by Nivea in 2013. 

“Loud Blunt,” a new song by Hamilton, was made accessible through the internet in November 2013. Nivea announced in 2018 that she was working with Wash House Entertainment.

Hamilton released the single “Circles” later that year. She released Mirrors, her fourth album, in 2019.


Nivea got married Terius Nash, commonly referred to as The-Dream, in 2004.American singer-songwriter-record production The-Dream is from the United States. Songs he co-wrote include the ones that feature:2007 saw the couple’s divorce.

Nivea got married Terius Nash, commonly referred to as The-Dream, in 2004.

They are grandparents of three kids. Following the split, Hamilton said that The-Dream, not her, was the one who desired the divorce. To her Nivea and Lil Wayne were sexually linked from 2007 to 2010. 2009 saw them get engaged.

Together, the married couple has a son. Hamilton talked about her engagement to Lil Wayne in a 2003 .

 Nivea says about having a stroke while carrying her first kid in an interview from October 2019.child,


She welcomed Navy Talia Nash, her first child, on May 10, 2005.Hamilton gave birth to Britain and Christian Nash, her twin sons,

in April 2006.Neal Carter was Nivea’s fourth kid, born November 30, 2009.


I want to trim, trim, trim because I’m going to the gym. My body is completely VERY natural. I adore bodies that are natural.”Every person used to approach me, yet I said, ‘

No, I don’t want to do that.'” Well, I sing.”I truly desire to give myself in a relationship, but I don’t have time for that. I’m wiped out. I’m going to be away for the past ten years. I’ve had multiple connections in the past. 

“We called each other to share information because, in our younger years, both Lauren London, an American model and actress, and I had been in previous relationships with Lil Wayne.”


Is Nivea Married?

Nivea married R&B singer and producer Terius “The-Dream” Nash in December 2004.

Is Nivea a girlfriend?

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Who owns Nivea now?

Nivea (German pronunciation: [niˈveːa], stylized as NIVEA) is a German personal care brand that specializes in skin and body care. It is owned by the Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf Global AG.

What is NIVEA WhatsApp number?

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