How much is wallo net worth


American businessperson, activist, the advertiser, speaker, and internet personality Wallace “Wallo267” Peoples. 

How much is wallo net worth

After serving 20 years in jail for armed theft, he is known for having developed his financial empire.

The Beginning Chapter.

The Beginning Chapter Wallace Peeples was born in Philadelphia and had at least a single brother who passed away by a bullet incident in 2013 while Peeples served his time in prison.

Other than that, very little is understood regarding Wallace Peeples’ childhood.

Breaking Chains

Wallace Peeples was apprehended, on hearing, and ultimately convicted guilty by the legislature of Pennsylvania in the late 1990s for a series of armed robberies. Wallace remained literally restricted, yet he did not allow himself to be abandoned as civilization developed.

Wallace continued to remain interested in the outside world.Through relatives, close companions, and recently released prisoners who could inform him on events outside of prison, he got conscious of the development of the internet.

In an interview on, Peeples said, “I made a decision to myself when I was in jail that old [exploitative] isn’t gone work, old exchanges, the street, and I gotta start reading more.””I have to start examining things that are not part of our society,” he said. What sometimes happens for us in

From Prison to Perspective

We need to begin studying items that are not part of our culture. What occasionally befalls us within the ghetto, particularly those of us just out of jail, is the fact that many of us lack exposure to new things, different backgrounds, or new locations.

I studied further because I discovered that the majority only actually leave a ghetto when they go to prison or the graveyard—you know, it’s the only way we really leave.

I grew up following all of Tony his broadcasts; he was one of my favorite people as he opened my eyes to the wider world.

The book Chronicles of Wallo267

Wallo267 gathered all the information he gathered about the world around him into a collection of papers and journals that he called “The Mind of Wallo267.”

He documented the development of social media in the outside world and tried to provide as much background as possible for it in this book. It took him some time to get many mobile devices and create his accounts.

In 2014, his efforts to keep even this thin connection to the wider community were momentarily derailed when he became in custody of three illegal cell phones, an iPod, five chargers, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and five headsets of his own.

Even though Wallo267 was being suppressed by the authorities, he remained to be engaged in social media.

Social Media Fame

Wallo267 created an Instagram account immediately as he had been set free, and within a few days, he shot to popularity he never would have dreamt of while within.

 Wallo267 was a sidewalk speaker who listed the challenges of living on the streets and published multiple blogs with guidance and thoughts on life in generally.

Peeples frightened police officers in one video by warning against living on the streets, as they believed he had been severely hurt. A far leaving from his prison days, where all he could risk sharing were simple motivating messages, the video received nearly 400,000 views.


Peeples is still living in Philadelphia, which is his home town.Wallo267’s marriage status is unknown, however April Divah—also known as AprilDivahStyles on Instagram—may be married

How much is wallo net worth


Together with each other, both of them have a child. In April of 2019, Peeples posted on Instagram, saying, “You will always be the number one woman in my entire existence n every possible way.”

Net Worth

By using his significant social networking adhering to, he has collaborated with brands including Puma, Global Citizen, the NFL, Foot Locker, and Philadelphia Union.

In addition, he has given talks through the renowned webinar platform Ted.Wallo267’s approximate net worth is therefore $1 million.

How long was Wallo in jail?

Wallo267 has never shied away from being transparent about how his time in prison has shaped him. After serving 20 years in prison

What is Wallo267 known for?

AUTHOR. Wallace Peeples, better known as Wallo267, is on a mission to impact the world. Early in his 20-year prison sentence, he developed a philosophical approach to life that embraced accountability and rejected excuses.

How do I contact Wallo267?

CALL US TODAY (725) 228-5100 and speak with a CTI Wallo267 booking agent to get direct availability and pricing for having this talent to work your event.

How much does it cost to book Wallo?

The estimated speaking fee range to book Wallo267 for your event is $10,000 – $20,000. Wallo267 generally travels from Philadelphia, PA, USA and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches, or other performances.

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