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Death of Maria del Carmen Sainz, a 24-year-old young footballer

  • Death of Maria del Carmen Saenz.
  • Impact on local football
  • They reveal the cause of his death.

In the world of sports, news of the tragic death of Maria del Carmen Sainz has shocked the football community.

At the age of 24, this talented footballer, known for her outstanding performances as a goalkeeper, left this world after a courageous battle against a relentless disease.

Details surrounding the unexpected death of this promising young man in the sport were published just hours ago.

The team that Maria del Carmen belongs to has broken their silence on the horrific death, and here we have all the details.

Shock in the world of football

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San Fernando CD Femenino, the team to which he devoted several seasons, announced the painful news of the death of Maria del Carmen Sainz.

Thus, he plunged his teammates and the football world into deep remorse.

According to information received from El Espanyol newspaper, the cause of his death was “a serious illness.”

This finally claimed his life on Tuesday, November 14 at his home in San Fernando, Cádiz, Spain.

Mary’s Legacy in San Fernando Female CD

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The news spread quickly, and the town’s mayor, Patricia Cavada, expressed her condolences to the young woman’s family.

Patricia Cavada highlighted the indelible impact she had on the club and on all those lucky enough to know her.

The impact of the news was also reflected in the official statement issued by the San Fernando Disc.

In this regard, the team expressed its deep regret for the loss of Maria del Carmen Sainz de la Maza Betanzos.

Death of Maria del Carmen Saenz: Tributes

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In the said statement, they highlighted her as a former player who was part of the SFCD Femenino squad until last summer.

The Milenio portal also mentions her as the sister of the former coach of the women’s first team, Manuel Sainz de la Maza.

In their words, the team highlighted Carmen’s courage and determination, remembering her as a fighting personality who did not hesitate to answer the call of her city club.

Last season, the goalkeeper actively participated in the team that made history, becoming champion of the Cádiz group in the Andalusian Second Division.

The sporting community unites in the duel

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This season, Maria del Carmen reached the long-awaited promotion final, a goal that was finally achieved administratively.

The football community unites in mourning, remembering with admiration and respect the career of Maria del Carmen Sainz, as noted by ‘Milenho’.

Her legacy is not limited only to athletic achievements, but also includes the positive impact she had on her teammates, coaches and the community in general.

The San Fernando club president expressed his sadness and highlighted Carmen’s commitment to the team and her contribution to the success achieved last season.

A regrettable farewell

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As news of her death spreads, the football world is expected to pay tribute to this young athlete, with more details expected to be revealed soon.

Despite the adversity, Sainz left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who shared the court with her.

The solidarity and support of the sports community is shown in this difficult time, with many expressing their regret on social media.

Many fans remember that María del Carmen Sainz’s legacy will live on in the memories of those who admired her dedication. (See some pictures here).

Death of Maria del Carmen Sainz, a 24-year-old young footballer Related articlesDeath of Maria del Carmen Sainz, a 24-year-old young footballer

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