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Between Vincenzo Salemme and Max Tortora there is a War of Grandparents – cinema

There are those who swear that a new comedy duo has been born, the non-vulgar and timely one made up of Vincenzo Salemme and Max Tortora. They are the two protagonists of Gianluca Ansanelli’s War of the Grandparents in cinemas from November 30 in the distribution of Medusa in 300 copies. Deliberately citing the pairing of Tommy and Gerry, in this comedy we find Gerri (Salemma) in the role of a careful, caring grandfather with a passion for restoring furniture who lives with his three grandchildren in the house of his daughter Federica (Ana Caterina Morariu) and his son-in-law Ernesto (Luca Angeletti). . The loud and boisterous paternal grandfather, Tom (Max Tortora), falls into this perfect family balance, and after years of living abroad, he returns to Italy to enjoy his grandchildren as well. Needless to say, there is an immediate war between the two grandparents to win the affection of their grandchildren and the heart of the beautiful young neighbor Viki (Bianca Guaccero). The duo is joined by young Gaetano (Herbert Ballerina), an eclectic courier who seems to have only one impossible mission: to try to rejuvenate Grandpa Gerri. “These two grandfathers are like cats and dogs and we liked that they are reminiscent of Tom and Jerry, a quote that cuts through even the youngest audience. In short, we liked the idea of ​​contrast by bringing into play as an added value two outstanding actors who at the same time have and comic and sentimental chord, two territories that are often opposed”, says the Neapolitan director on his fourth film After All’ultimo beach (2012), Troppo napoletano (2016) and Benvenuti u casa Esposito (2021). What is comedy? ” You know when you’ve done something well when you hear people laughing – says Vincenzo Salemme – there are no formulas or secrets. Even profanity can work if you make people laugh, I prefer to make people laugh without profanity, in any case there are no recipes”. Regarding political correctness, Max Tortora replies: “Who decides what can and cannot be said? There is no body, no one is authorized to do that.” “Even saying politically correct – adds Salemme – is not right. You should be ‘culturally correct’, not politically correct. Otherwise, it could happen that there is a political party that says you were incorrect and the other party is not”. What does it mean to be a grandparent when you are both not even parents? “Too often we forget that there are scripts in the cinema, we don’t necessarily need someone to inspire us . We act based on what the script says, that’s our job. I certainly don’t act like a grandfather” taking inspiration from mine,” says Salemme. In the end, Ballerina says: “I am satisfied with this film and for a completely personal reason, I have a different comic line, more aggressive than usual and then working with Salemme was a real gift for me. The film is also beautiful for another reason: explore a little the fracture that exists in grandchildren because now the generation gap between social media and smartphones is really huge and it’s becoming difficult to be a parent, let alone a grandparent.”

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