Alexander Gilkes Net Worth

Alexander Gilkes has a twenty-five million dollars net worth.In 2016, the British businessman Alexander Gilkes was honored as one of the 100 Very Influential Persons in the Art World (Art + Auctions).


Gilkes was born in London on July 16, 1979.His father, Jeremy Gilkes, is a well-known dermatologist who was born and raised in London, and his mother worked at the University of Oxford in the Department of Russian and Eastern Europe.

Gilkes was born in London on July 16, 1979.His father, Jeremy Gilkes, is a well-

Charlie Gilkes, his younger brother, was an original member of Innovation Group in 2009.On his childhood with his brother, Alexander said:Alexander spend many years work for Louis Vuitton after finishing from college.

Following that, he worked by the British auction company Phillips de Pury & Company, with headquarters in London and New York City, as an auction. In 1796, it was set up in London.


Lana Del Ray sang over Gilkes’ July 2012 wedding in the Italian city of Venice, when he wed Misha Nonoo. Misha is a British-Bahraini fashion designer living in the US.

James Corden, Ivanka Trump, Joshua Kushner, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, Princess Beatrice, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Karlie Kloss are amongst those in attendance.

Prince William and Duchess Kate were also invited, however they were both unable to attend the wedding because of Duchess Kate’s morning sickness at the time (she had been expecting Charlotte).Misha and Alexander got together throughout a designer Tory Burch launch party that Gilkes hosted.

The women’s prepared-to-wear collection that fashion designer Misha Nonoo developed is her best-known product. Her father comes from Iraq and her mother is English; she was born in Bahrain. Misha studied school in Paris and London.

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It was reported in 2016 that Misha and Alexander called it quits. Their divorce has been codified in 2017.


Your business have to be in your heart and your heart must be in your business if you want to succeed.””Investment buys are very common these days, but your first purchase should be one you love the look of and want to live with.”


Prince William and prince Harry regard Gilkes to be an end buddy.He is an employee of the New York Academy of Art board of directors.

Alexander Gilkes Net Worth

A year prior to their relationship, he had become a Jew for Nonoo.

Alexander Gilkes’s net worth

So what is the net worth of Alexander Gilkes?Much of Gilkes’ money came from his co-founding of Paddle8, a bidding business.He carried out auctions for Madonna’s Raising Malawi, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, and amFAR.

The business made an estimated $20 million in sales in 2015.Additionally, Paddle8 has sold art for more than $70 million.Alexander got compensation from his jobs with Louis Vuitton and Phillips de Pury & Company.

He is used with Pace Gallery at the moment.Alexander Gilkes, a British entrepreneur, has been estimated to be worth $25 million.


What does Alexander Gilkes do for a living?

Career. Gilkes has been based in New York since 2008. He served as an auctioneer at Phillips de Pury & Company and worked at LVMH. Gilkes presided as an auctioneer for auctions including Madonna’s Raising Malawi, Elton John AIDS Foundation, and amFAR.

What nationality is Alexander Gilkes?

Alexander Mark Heming Gilkes (born July 1979) is a British businessman. He is the co-founder of venture studio Squared Circles, which launched in 2020.

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