Adrián Lastra was crowned the biggest winner of Mira Quien Baila ¡La Revancha! | Facts look who’s dancing

Look who’s dancing…That star is…It’s you, Adrian!(Cheers)(driver)We have arrived at this momentMore dramaticLook who’s dancing:rematch.– (Czech) Oh, oh, oh,Everything shakes me,I have to acknowledge them.Family, eight starsThey did their bestDuring these unforgettable partiesTo get to this moment.Liz,adrian,one of youIt will becomeIn second placeFor this seasonThe other will be the big winnerWhich will take $35,000For its foundation.Ladies and Gentlemen,We arrived at the last minuteDecisive of the night.In my hand I haveThe envelope with the decisionFrom the judges.It’s been months of workFrom a giant effortThat left a markIn our hearts.And now I tell youThat starSo with your dedicationAnd his perseveranceHe becomes the winnerOr tonight’s winnerThe star that will takeVictory this seasonOnly one I’m sureWe will remember forever,Winning starLook who’s dancing…That star is…It’s you, Adrian!(Cheers)(driver)Congratulations, you are the championLook who’s dancing:rematch.(Cheers)Congratulations.Czech, great job!Great effort.And this applauseAlso not…(Cheers)…an incredible competitor.(Driver) Congratulations, LesI also thank you for your effortFor your dedication,For your delivery,Because it was putwhole hearted,Dear little girl,In every oneFrom their dances.Congratulations, come here.(Cheers)(Checky) What a great ending,(Mona) Congratulations,A hero, really.– (Chickie) You did it, Adrian.– (Manny) I did it.That’s it, that’s all.Oh, I don’t want toTo say bad words.no Please.Look, Oksana brings youThis choice is incredible.For your organization u. quality.– Thanks.– Congratulations.It’s my pleasure, it’s my pleasureThe ability to dance for the organizationstreet. Good to helpTo all these girls,these children,That’s life unfortunatelyThey suffer from these terminal cancers.I hope this helps you a lot.(Cheers)I do not know what to say,I do not know what to say,thank you thank you.– (Manny) Come here.(Cheers)Come here, my loveCongratulationsYou, too.– To get to this moment.You can also get a checkFor National Geographiccancer foundation,What is the basis?which it represents.Congratulations for all your dedicationBecause you presented everything in courtAnd I did some amazing dancesA great and wonderful programme.We areoverall champion,Congratulations.Applause to everyoneThis great familyLook who’s dancing.(Cheers)you are at home,Thank you for joining usIn this exciting season.Applause tooFor our judges.What a wonderful season.(Manny) EveryoneOur choreographers too,For the entire tremendous teamWho made it possibleThese eight parties.You, tooHeroes,Congratulations.(complain)Thank you so much family!and again,Thanks for so much love,For his talent.See you very soonIn the new seasonLook who’s dancing…(All) Revenge!

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