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A record of 4,000 liver transplants at Molinette in Turin – The last hour

The Molinette Hospital in the City of Health in Turin is close to reaching the milestone of 4,000 liver transplants, so far there have been 3,993, which is a record in Italy and Europe, as the hospital itself emphasizes. The debut dates back to October 10, 1990, when Mauro Salizzoni performed the first liver transplant at the hospital, after training with the entire team at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc in Brussels, Belgium. An activity that has been increasingly consolidated since its inception, in parallel with the growth of organ transplant activities, especially liver transplants, in Italy. The Turin Liver Transplantation Center, which has been run by its founder for 28 years, is currently led by Renato Romagnoli since 2018.

In 2023, the year in which organ transplant activity in Italy will set its all-time record (with a forecast of a 15% increase compared to 2022), the Liver Transplantation Center of Turin will break all records, reaching the milestone of 4,000 total transplants (the first in Italy and Europe) and broke its previous record set in 2005 of 166 liver transplants performed in one year. Namely, it is estimated that by the end of 2023, the limit of 180 liver transplants per year will be exceeded, that is, one transplant every two days (with a net increase of 25% compared to 2022).

Of the 3,993 liver transplants performed so far in Molinette, 3,806 cases involved adult patients and 187 cases involved pediatric patients. Of these, 16 liver transplants were performed from living donors (12 adult and 4 pediatric cases) and eight transplants using the domino technique. In 144 cases, liver transplantation was performed with split organs, obtained by dividing the liver from a cadaveric donor into two parts. In 117 cases, the liver was transplanted in combination with other organs, mainly kidneys (96 cases), but also lungs, pancreas and heart.

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